Thursday, January 10, 2008

Focus, Feeling and Allowing

creating the Abundant Life that is your birthright (why else were you placed in this Earth?) is essentially about creating Focus and Feeling and then Allowing it to happen.

mantras, like the one previously introduced in this blog; prayer, affirmations, vision boards, declarations (like in the previous post) are not magical and powerful in themselves. they are all just tools to help you create the Focus and generate the Feeling that is in line (in alignment) with your Desire/Intention. their power is in how they are able to help you achieve that Focus and Feeling.

so the ideal mantra, prayer, affirmation, etc. is actually the one that you create and that means a lot to you personally, because it has even the added charge of your own unique energies/vibrations.

many books, e-books, courses, teleseminars, etc. abound online and offline on topics like this. they only differ in personality, flavor, methods and tools used. but they all basically follow certain universal Laws (of Manifesting), which themselves have a long tradition throughout time and history, from the Hermetic arts to the science of the Mind and the everyday effective principles discovered by all successful people in their own individual journeys through life.

today, Science has caught up with essentially similar discoveries in the field of quantum physics. if you reflect upon them long and deeply enough, you will realize that they are essentially how Nature works, so in that sense they are actually natural laws, too:

1. Law of Deliberate Creation (Focus) - what you consistently think about, you bring about. what you pay attention to, grows; what you ignore, dies.

2. Law of Attraction (Feeling) - like attracts like. so, become what you desire. be in vibrational alignment with what you desire.

3. Law of Allowing (Allowing) - let go. release it to the Universe and let things happen.

that's basically it.

all other discussions, treatises, courses, etc. -- if you pay enough attention to them-- essentially follow these 3 principles. some focus on one or two to highlight-- some focus on thinking positive, some focus on clearing negative emotions-- but they still follow these basic principles.

actually, once this hit me in the course of my own seeking, journey and growth, i had a fun time identifying and sorting what book, course, talk, etc. that i came across basically emphasizes among these 3 principles. try it, too, and you will see what i mean.

and you will soon discover that the answers are not really out there. the answer is not really on more books to read, more courses to take, or even which "guru" to listen to-- the answers are in you, in your power to decide and to consistently choose to apply these principles in your daily life.

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