Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Avalanche of Blessings

Create an Abundance Journal and write this at least 20x a day (10x in the morning right after you wake up, and another 10x in the evening just before you retire. Use "my" and "me" if you're speaking only for yourself; use "our" and "us" if you want to include your family and closest loved ones):

God's Wealth is circulating in my (our) life. God's Wealth flows to me (us) and through me (us) in avalanches of Abundance. All my (our) needs, desires and goals are instantly met, because I am (we are) one with God, and God is my (our) infinite and abundant supply, and God is everything.

In later posts, I will explain how I found this mantra and used it, how it has helped me turn my life around and transform it more abundantly, and the abundance creation principles behind this simple affirmation.

For now, I am writing this as my first post because it is the reason for why I chose the name and address for this blogsite.

Abundant blessings to you today!!!

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