Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Universe is Funny

for around 6 weeks now, as part of my meditations and daily affirmations, i've been creatively visualizing for a certain amount of money to flow into my life, not because i need it desperately but because it would sure help to pay off some things im currently just paying installment on, plus a few other little dreams which would really be nice if they came quicker, like visiting Mama again for her birthday in May, but with all my kids this time.

anyway, after a couple of weeks of trying out and finetuning my affirmation to aid me in my visualization, this was the affirmation i finally came up with that i was comfortable with and that resonated with me--

Thank you, God, for the $nnnnn.nn already in my life right now, quickly and effortlessly! This, or something better.

-- even as i creatively visualized my self receiving the money in a small bag i already have prepared, and going around paying off accounts happily, and having my kids and i happily boarding the plane to Atlanta and having happy times with Mama and Larry.

as what usually happens in the manifesting process, certain little "signs of land" start appearing. like my receiving in the mail two new credit cards i don't even remember applying for, but whose credit limit would allow me and the kids to already fund our one-way trip to Atlanta!

i said thank you of course to the Universe, and also reminded her that please, no more debts okay, pure income and cash would be so much more appreciated!

then Papa got hospitalized last Jan. 16, and is still in the hospital up to now, from diabetes complications. first, he was just admitted to have his 3 left small toes amputated but ended up with his needing to have his whole left leg amputated and needing a significant amount of blood transfusion. he is still recovering slowly up to now, but he seemed better yesterday, than the last 5 days after the major leg amputation.

anyway, the point is, because of Papa's health crisis, it fell upon me to temporarily manage his finances and make sure they are alright. so my last two weeks have been mostly spent going to banks and dealing with people there and counting money, either for deposit or for withdrawal.

another major "sign of land"! : ) i recognized that early on. i said to my self, thank you God, for this sign of land, further leading me to the manifesting of my heart's desire! i get to practice counting huge sums of money again and feel what it feels like : ), even as i get to practice dealing with bank people again for large sums of money!

still, the money is not my own, but Papa's.

then it just hit me yesterday while i was walking under the noonday sun-- of course, my affirmation has already come true: this is the equivalent of $nnnnn.nn (even 5x more) ALREADY IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, isn't it?

except that the money is not mine. : ) heehee!!!

ohhhh Universe, youuuuuu!!!

so now i'm further fintetuning my affirmation--

Thank you, God, for the $nnnnn.nn already MINE and in my life right now, quickly and effortlessly! This, or something better!

be careful of what you pray for: be specific!!!

; ) : ) : )

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Focus, Feeling and Allowing

creating the Abundant Life that is your birthright (why else were you placed in this Earth?) is essentially about creating Focus and Feeling and then Allowing it to happen.

mantras, like the one previously introduced in this blog; prayer, affirmations, vision boards, declarations (like in the previous post) are not magical and powerful in themselves. they are all just tools to help you create the Focus and generate the Feeling that is in line (in alignment) with your Desire/Intention. their power is in how they are able to help you achieve that Focus and Feeling.

so the ideal mantra, prayer, affirmation, etc. is actually the one that you create and that means a lot to you personally, because it has even the added charge of your own unique energies/vibrations.

many books, e-books, courses, teleseminars, etc. abound online and offline on topics like this. they only differ in personality, flavor, methods and tools used. but they all basically follow certain universal Laws (of Manifesting), which themselves have a long tradition throughout time and history, from the Hermetic arts to the science of the Mind and the everyday effective principles discovered by all successful people in their own individual journeys through life.

today, Science has caught up with essentially similar discoveries in the field of quantum physics. if you reflect upon them long and deeply enough, you will realize that they are essentially how Nature works, so in that sense they are actually natural laws, too:

1. Law of Deliberate Creation (Focus) - what you consistently think about, you bring about. what you pay attention to, grows; what you ignore, dies.

2. Law of Attraction (Feeling) - like attracts like. so, become what you desire. be in vibrational alignment with what you desire.

3. Law of Allowing (Allowing) - let go. release it to the Universe and let things happen.

that's basically it.

all other discussions, treatises, courses, etc. -- if you pay enough attention to them-- essentially follow these 3 principles. some focus on one or two to highlight-- some focus on thinking positive, some focus on clearing negative emotions-- but they still follow these basic principles.

actually, once this hit me in the course of my own seeking, journey and growth, i had a fun time identifying and sorting what book, course, talk, etc. that i came across basically emphasizes among these 3 principles. try it, too, and you will see what i mean.

and you will soon discover that the answers are not really out there. the answer is not really on more books to read, more courses to take, or even which "guru" to listen to-- the answers are in you, in your power to decide and to consistently choose to apply these principles in your daily life.

My Perfect Life

while sorting through my computer files, i found this "Declaration" i wrote around 6 months ago, at a very heartbreaking time in my life, because the love i thought was The One was not The One at all.

although this was written 6 months ago, i wrote in my diary snippets of this "Declaration" over the course of the last 2 years of further handcrafting my life. i only managed to put them all together here that darkest day in June when, in the depths of my despair, i also resolved to my self that, like Scarlett O'Hara clutching the soil of Tara in her hand, "As God is my witness--" I will not take this like a victim! : )

anyway, i post this here now because i my self am amazed: the life i have now is 90% what this Declaration describes! very soon (as in 6 days later!) after i let go of that old love that wasn't for me and wrote this Declaration, i met Someone Special who's turning out to be a true partner of my mind, heart, spirit (and body : >) and we are in a beautifully growing and deep Love and Friendship-- i'm keeping my fingers crossed. : )

there is power in decreeing, indeed!

so here it is, my Perfect Life, as declared by me! : >

My Perfect Life
(Decreed June 25, 2007)


I am at peace with my self, with who I am, and happy with being authentically me, and growing each moment to be the finest soul I can be, in all ways. I treat other people with honor, honesty and respect, in the same manner that I always expect to be treated with honor, honesty and respect, too.

Children and Family

I take good care of my children and other people placed in my path and in my care, in all ways—physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually—the best way I can, and they take good care of me too the best ways they can. We enjoy good, healthy, affirming relationships based on respect, trust, openness and honesty, peace and freedom to let each other be as authentically as each can be, being the best each can be. Our simple rules we live by at home: be honest, be kind, speak gently, and clean up your own mess.


My Twin Flame Soulmate and I are happily married to each other; we are the best of friends and lovers for life! We both enjoy a very good, stable, happy, joyful, healthy, peaceful and abundant Love, Friendship, Marriage and Family Life together, sharing our selves and our lives with each other intimately yet also lovingly allowing each other the freedom to be and grow to be the finest soul each can be. Our love for each other extends to our children and the rest of our family, friends and community. Our love for each other heals and transforms and inspires us both, as well as the lives of those we touch.

My Work

I work mainly based from home, writing, communicating, helping people, teaching, traveling all over the world and receiving abundant blessings in material or other forms, enough to take care of my self and my children very comfortably, allowing us to be the best we can be.

My Community: the World

My being authentically me extends its light and gifts to my children and family, to my Twin Flame Soulmate, to my work, and ultimately, to my community and the rest of the world, which I consider my world community. There is no strict division of boundaries, each fund the other, and the world is my home, a happy, peaceful, loving place I make and make with all the people placed in my path and care.

I leave this world someday better than I have found it. My presence in it, my life as I have lived it, is a blessing to all whom I have met.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cleaning Out False Beliefs

i'm lining up a series of posts here, but before these, let me share with you this timely article from MyDailyOM--

Many of us have a deep-seated belief that in order to do well in the world, we have to suffer and sacrifice. This commonly held idea stems from a certain mentality, inherited from ancestors who came before us who may have experienced this as true. Beliefs from our own past-life experiences can also make an appearance in this lifetime. This is often the way in which false beliefs take hold and don’t let go, even though they are no longer relevant. We must all live our own lives, in our own time, and learn what is true for us, because very few truths prove valid for all people all the time.

Keeping our minds clear of false notions is not an easy task, as it requires us to first know our beliefs. Very often, these beliefs have settled deep in our unconscious minds where they simply sit unquestioned. Nevertheless, they have an effect on our hearts, our minds, and our reality. These beliefs act on us, creating situations and relationships that we regard as fate, when they are, in fact, simply our unconscious minds manifesting in the external world. As a result, we may not even be aware that we are carrying the burden of a poverty mentality, and we may wonder why we are not manifesting abundance, especially if we know we deserve it. If this is the case, it may be time to look deeper within to see if we can discover the obstacle inside ourselves.

In order to evolve, it is important that we examine the contents of our minds and hearts and get to the root of what we believe about reality. Generally, our concerns of the moment can be trusted to guide our inquiries. If we are not manifesting and maintaining the abundance we know we deserve, then this issue is calling us to look into the hidden corners of our psyches and root out any remaining beliefs that tell us we must suffer and sacrifice in order to do well. Our efforts will take us one more step away from this energy-sapping belief that we no longer need.

What do you think?